What Shoe Should I Wear?


GoGo Gracious


Janet Valenza

Thank you for choosing 3 of our 7 easy pieces for “bottoms”:  a pull-on skinny pant, a pull-on flare leg pant and a pull-on pencil skirt.  All 3 are classic European fit and look amazing on everyone from Size 0 to Size 14.  In my opinion, every single woman who has chosen them in various fabrics at one of our many wardrobe salons looks even better than when she came in!  And it’s so easy because these 3 basics are all you need!  We guarantee that if you buy just one it will go with things that are already in your closet.  With all 3 you are set to go from fitness and travel to business to evening without really changing!  It’s a simple wardrobe updated solution.


Anyway, people often ask about footwear so I’m writing this post to help you simplify that too.  Take a look at these 3 shoes.


The first shoe is a simple wedge sandal.  Study the shoe shape.  It’s a classic and perfect for the flare leg pant.  Some kind of heel with the flare leg pant is important to elongate the leg.  Always wear a heel with this pant, even a small one, to get legs that go on for miles!  Because of the heel, this pant works well for a day to evening look.


The second shoe is what I call a “fashion sneaker” and works fantastic with a casual T shirt paired with both the pencil skirt and the skinny pant.  What is the definition of a “fashion sneaker”?  It’s one that is sleek, flat, and often a “new” neutral such as a metallic bronze, gold or silver.  It can also be black, brown, tan, bone or white.  Neutral and sleek are what define it.  It’s not really meant for sports, but rather is the more casual cousin of a ballet flat.


The third shoe is a pointy skinny “spike” heeled pump.  It doesn’t have to be this high but the shoe shape is right to dress up both the pencil skirt and the skinny pant.  Both the pencil skirt and the skinny pant are very tailored, fitted looks and require the elegance of this shoe for dressier looks.  The lower version of this same shape pump is often called a “kitten heel” and works just as well.  Also the classic “sling back” which means the back of the pump is open with just a strap around the heel, is also a great choice for warmer weather.  The key is that the front of the shoe should be pointy and the heel should be skinny.

With these 3 basic shoe styles in interesting neutrals, you will be set for the season!

BTW, for shoe shopping I like going to a store and trying shoes on.  I walk around the store a bit in shoes I’m trying on while I continue looking.  If you choose to do the same print this post out and bring it with you as a reference.  Macy’s Herald Square is a great place to shop for shoes because of the diversity of categories and brands.  Give yourself a couple hours.  It takes time and you deserve it!  When you get home practice walking around in them even more.  If they are not comfortable bring them back because you will not wear them!