Cozy Toes in the Snow


GoGo Gracious


Janet Valenza

I don’t know about you but I’ve searched high and low for warm waterproof boots.

Over the years I trusted various brands only to feel that icy seeping sensation on my little toes the minute I stepped anywhere near a puddle after a snowstorm.  How uncomfortable.  Tough to smile when your feet are cold and wet 🙁

Enter O Canada.  Now these folks really understand how to stay comfortable in the snow!  I discovered La Canadienne, a Made in Canada boot brand, about 10 years ago and never went back.  I’m on my fourth pair.  With a nice wedge heel, they also make a good-looking winter walking boot.

Always check inside for a knit lining for warmth…plain leather or suede is never warm enough.  And when these people say “waterproof” they mean it.  I’ve literally waded through street puddles 6 inches deep and nary a drop!

Hope you stay warm and dry during today’s storm.