The Death of Shopping


GoGo Gracious


Janet Valenza

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the clothing choices?  Too busy too shop?  Would you like a simpler wardrobe?  In short would you like to END shopping forever?

Then you’ve come to the right place.  We make it easy to look and feel great.  Our 7 easy pieces go from fitness to business to evening without really changing.  They are wardrobe workhorses you will wear all the time…a strong wardrobe foundation just like the foundation of a house. Buy the 7 easy pieces, add a great fitting neutral blazer and you’re set for spring.

BTW if you know the term “athleisure” this is not it!  What distinguishes our clothing from athlesiure is that you can actually go to a meeting in it looking appropriate.  And ride your bike to the meeting too!

Check our home page to get an idea what I mean.