Why I Hate Fashion


GoGo Gracious


Janet Valenza

Well I don’t really hate it. It’s more of a love hate relationship.  I love clothing. What I hate is that women seem to serve fashion.  And I believe fashion should serve women.

Take the recent big sleeve fad.  Big giant puffy sleeves.  Now think about your average day:  Work, school events, home management, on call 24 / 7 thanks to Steve Jobs, and maybe just maybe you can squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise.  If you’re lucky you might head straight out to dinner from work once in awhile.  Is there really room for puffy sleeves in your day?

Add to that the vagaries of the weather.  Particularly in fall and spring when things are so changeable.  Layering is key to being prepared and feeling comfortable.  How in the world do I layer my zip-up or cardigan over those ginormous sleeves?  And what about outerwear when it’s cold?

This is just one small example of the complexity added to our lives in the name of fashion.  But fashion doesn’t have to be hard.  Over time I’ve analyzed and simplified my wardrobe.  Yet I’m confident I’ll look and feel great for any occasion that arises in my active and diverse life.

What turns me on is to share what I’ve learned with you.  When you tell me it’s now easier for you to look and feel great always, I’m thrilled!

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